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For fastest delivery, when ordering "Shows For Those Who Were There', please specify the name of the show you attended
$9.99 + $4.75 Shipping & Handling Shows For Those Who Were There
#001 | $9.99 + S&H (Choose Priority)
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When you click the “BUY NOW” button you will open the secure purchasing  window of PayPal where you do not have to join PayPal to pay for your purchase. WHEN ORDERING, EMAIL ME THE NAME OF YOUR SHOW! All orders made after 2pm will ship out the following business day. For multiple orders, Shipping And Handling (S & H) is $4.75 for the first item and $2.00 each additional item. DOWNLOAD CODES WILL BE EMAILED AFTER PAYMENT IS RECEIVED. CHECK THE NAME OF YOUR SHOW BEFORE YOU BEGIN DOWNLOAD. No refunds or exchanges unless item arrives damaged. After having 89 transactions on EBay, my rating is 100%. Satisfaction is guaranteed!

Lighter Watch
#003 | $14.99 + S&H (only three left)

Must be 18 or older to order lighter watch; Watch is only correct twice a day.

Luggage Strap
#004 | $9.99 + S&H

When using luggage strap as a tie, do not attempt to attach to actual luggage; not responsible for broken necks.

Dental Chain
#005 | $9.99 + S&H

Dental Chains should not be used as nipple clips or roach clips and does not come with dentist.

Luggage Locks / Kufflinks
#006 | $9.99 + S&H

Attempting to unlock luggage locks when intoxicated may result in being locked in your own shirt all night.

Telescoping Magnet Pen
#007 | $9.99 + S&H

Telescoping Magnet Pen is a MAGNET PEN not a telescope. Safety pin sold separately

Hurricane Glass
#008 | $9.99 + S&H

Contents of glass may vary depending upon contents of glass; not responsible for liquid spilled in pants.

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